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Edinburgh International Book Festival 2013 Ticket Giveaway 

Request tickets to the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust events at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust is delighted to continue sponsoring the Edinburgh International Book Festival by supporting a series of events taking place at the Festival in August. 

As part of the sponsorship Baillie Gifford is offering our current investment trust customers the opportunity to obtain free tickets to the sponsored events outlined below:



Nate Silver – Playing the Numbers
Baillie Gifford Main Theatre
Tuesday 13 August at 10.00am

Statistician, political forecaster and creator of the New York Times blog FiveThirtyEight, Nate Silver shot to world fame when he predicted the outcome of all 50 states in the 2012 US Elections. In his award-winning book, The Signal and the Noise, Silver highlights how mathematical probability and statistics can build models to predict the outcome of baseball matches, poker games, climate change and financial crashes.

Joe Sacco - The Graphic Truth
Scottish Power Studio Theatre
Tuesday 13 August at 8.30pm

Previous books such as Footnotes In Gaza established his international reputation and now Joe Sacco, the world’s leading comics journalist, has produced Journalism. In this compelling set of cartoon-essays, he demonstrates the power of comic journalism to grasp at the truth – in Abu Ghraib, in Iraq, in Chechnya... We are thrilled to welcome Sacco for his first visit to the Book Festival.

Susan Greenfield – Do We Need Imagination In Order To Remember?
Baillie Gifford Main Theatre
Wednesday 14 August at 10.00am

She’s a leading neuroscientist, a crossbench peer, and now a novelist too. Baroness Susan Greenfield has not only changed the way we understand human consciousness, but also our approaches to diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Today she discusses the mechanisms by which memory is created and retained, and memory’s crucial relationship with the imagination – the key to some of the greatest fiction.

Ian Goldin - How to Reform Global Governance
Scottish Power Studio Theatre
Saturday 17 at August 3.30pm

A former Vice President of the World Bank, Ian Goldin wants to know why global governance is failing, and in Divided Nations he asks what can do done about it. In today’s event, addressing the universal challenges of climate change, pandemics, cyber security and finance, he explores why existing structures are not built to cope and why it is time to redesign our road map for the future.

Kenneth Cukier and Viktor Mayer-Schönberger - Big Hype, Big Business: Big Data
Peppers Theatre
Saturday 17 August at 4.00pm

We are living through an age in which an incomprehensible amount of information is being produced. Kenneth Cukier and Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, two of the world’s best-respected data experts, join us to discuss major ethical questions raised in their new book, Big Data. What is happening to privacy? Will machines, rather than people, make our major decisions? Welcome to the big data revolution.

Tash Aw and Rawi Hage – The World in Grotesque Technicolour
Peppers Theatre
Monday 19 August at 8.30pm

Meet two ferociously talented writers whose books depict a larger-than-life, carnivalesque world. Malaysian novelist Tash Aw unveils Five Star Billionaire, in which five characters are catapulted into the surreal world of modern Shanghai – the new epicentre of global capitalism. Montreal-based, IMPAC Award-winning author Rawi Hage discusses Carnival, his lyrical, subversive and hilarious story of a taxi driver and his outlandish urban encounters. Chaired by Richard Lea.

Amin Haddad - Poetry from the Egyptian Revolution: Poems and Music in Tahrir Square
Scottish Power Studio Theatre
Sunday 25 August at 8.30pm

At the heart of the Egyptian revolution were the events in Tahrir Square. During the riots, Amin Haddad wrote poetry which the protestors spoke or sang together for moral support. Haddad joins us from Cairo with members of the revolutionary band, Eskenderella, whose musical rendering of Haddad’s poems gave support to the protestors. They reprise – in a rare European appearance– the verse that was the immediate response to the uprising.


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